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ktvu fox 2 kid's club award Lori and RJ

Did you know? Lori & RJ hosted the KTVU Fox2 Kid’s Club for 7 Years producing an amazing body of musical work. Hundreds of interstitials were produced.

Here are a few of their favorites:

  • Homework – Family To Family *

  • House Next Door – Family To Family*

  • Animal Crackers – Northern California Emmy Award

  • Kidpower – Area Emmy Award Nomination

  • KTVU/FOX Family Kidsfair – Regional Kids Expo

  • Northern California Emmy for Gimme The Mic as Vocal/Performance Coaches (One for RJ and one for Lori)

For the next several years we enjoyed more on-air fun hosting, doing interstitials, and Live Concerts with Michigan J. Frog the beloved WB Mascot. 


WB 20 Commercial Spots with our original music

  • Good Energy – Leukemia Foundation and Beach Clean Up with 1,500 kids at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

  • Future Fun – Pennies For Patients Campaign

  • Pokemon Name Game – Kids WB Campaign

  • Pier 39 – 3 Different Compositions for Tree Lighting

  • Fisherman’s Wharf – Tree Lighting Commercial Music

  • Lori & RJ’s Event Spot – Original Theme Music

  • Bonfonte Gardens – 2 Versions

  • SJ Tech Museum – WB Commercial Music

  • Lori & RJ Comedy Club – Original Theme Music for TV Commercial

  • KFC – Summerblast Campaign with an Original Soundtrack

  • Constant original music writing for on-going interstitials

  • Over 150 TV Commercials produced with KTVU Fox 2Kids and Kids WB20 in San Francisco.

  • HOSTS of the Kids Block of Cartoons seen daily Monday – Friday between 7 AM – 11 AM & 3 PM – 5 PM and Saturday Morning Between 7 AM – 11:30 AM on Kids WB20.

Children’s Fairyland multiple song writing projects 

Lori and RJ are not strangers to Children’s Fairyland, as they were the first entertainers to begin a music concert series “On the Green” almost 20 years ago; created Fairyland’s first custom CD of music in 2004; produced and recorded the English Talking Storybook Boxes in 2008 and a Spanish version in 2013. 


Their longtime friend and colleague, Randal Metz, master puppeteer at Fairyland, has been a driving force behind these amazing bodies of artistic work. Lori is so happy to be a part of the creative growth at Children’s Fairyland.


More Music and Other Projects over the years…

  • Homeschool Theater Arts Teachers

  • 14 original plays for kids currently being performed in Bay Area

  • Music Director at Burlingame Park & Recreation for Theater Arts Programs

  • Director of Music at Russell Bede School (for Gifted and Talented)

  • Lori & RJ Feel Good Theater for BAGHS (Bay Area Gifted Homeschooler)

  • Feel Good Radio Theater - Zoom Class continuing into 2023

  • Children’s Fairyland – All new Talking Storybook Boxes

  • Watershed Watch Campaign – State of California/ TRG & Associates

  • Voices for LEAP FROG – New Product: Kid’s Karaoke Machine

  • Partner with Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Summer Ticket Give Away Campaign

Other Original Writing Projects Include:

  • Original Musicals for Homeschoolers.  Performances at Red Morton Community Theater

  • Dow Chemical’s 75th Anniversary Song

  • Dangerous Dino’s State Fair Performers 

  • Magic Show Theme Music for International Performer

  • Magic Circus Show Theme Music

  • The Wizard of ROZ

  • In The Clouds for Jessica Dollarhide/Actress

  • Circus Fantastcus Music

  • Musical PE Plus

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